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Embrace Your Dark Side!

Daily Dose: The Craft Writing an epic antagonist can be a killer. Help is on the way! Studio Binder's article is a mini-course 0n how to write a multi-dimensional bad guy with video clips. And not from Star Wars, as my post... Continue Reading →

Sub-Genre Guide

Daily Dose: The Craft While these aren't what you'd call 'standard industry buzz words,' they could be a good way to pin-point your script's genre. This infographic is a great way to scan a comprehensive list of sub-genres. Where does your... Continue Reading →

Catch a Good Idea

Daily Dose: The Craft David Lynch shares how he views ideas and what to do with them. In another useful post (and video) by the No Film School, the great David Lynch shares his thoughts on ideas.  The Great David... Continue Reading →

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