Screenwriters Beat is a YouTube show for screenwriters by screenwriters about how to break into the business. Over 50 shows are up on YouTube FREE to watch. The links, with show descriptions, are below.

Episode 1 – First Screenwriting Job

The panel talks about how they got their first screenwriting jobs and how they continue to find work.

Episode 2 – Average Screenwriter Salary

We discuss the range of pay out there for screenwriters and the types of jobs you can expect to find.

Episode 3 – Taking Producer Notes

The panel talks about their experiences in getting notes (script changes) from the producers they’ve worked with and how you can prepare for notes in your future.

Episode 4 – Unofficial Working Screenwriter Rules

The panel pulls from their experiences working with producers to share some “rules” to make you a better screenwriter and play nice with others.

Episode 5 – Writing Partners

At some point, you will have a screenwriting partner. It could be another screenwriter or a producer/manager that helps shape your script into something they can film/sell. Either way, the panel shares tips to make any partnership shine.

Episode 6 – Writing for a Budget

All scripts have a production budget and knowing how to write to a certain budget can make you a valuable writer. The panel shares how they’ve had to write for a budget, and some common rules any screenwriter can use to make their script cheaper to film.

Episode 7 – Genre Writing

Whether you write action, horror, thriller or comedy there are rules to be followed for every genre. The panel discusses some of those genre rules that can come in handy when working with a producer.

Episode 8 – Ins & Outs of Contracts

While no one on the panel is a lawyer, we discuss a few contract tips and experiences that will get your head in the right frame of mind for your first — or next — contract negotiation.

Episode 9 – Branding

What’s your brand? The panel discusses the need to brand and how you can control how the industry sees you as a screenwriter.

Episode 10 – Genre Pitfalls

All genres have rules and inherent ‘pitfalls’ or devices that are so dated, screenwriters shouldn’t use them anymore. The panel shares their experiences in various genres and how they handle the pitfalls.

Episode 11 – Pump Up Your Career – part 1

Thanks to a technical difficulties, this show is in two parts. The panel discusses all the ways they’ve worked to advance their careers.

Episode 11 – Pump Up Your Career part 2

The end of the discussion on ways to make it to the next level or working screenwriter.

Episode 12 – Ins & Outs of Script Rewrites

Whomever said writing is rewriting is write… err… right. Working screenwriters take on a lot of rewrite work, getting hired to ‘fix’ another writers script. Learn the ins and outs and get some of this work for yourself.

Episode #13 – Screenplay Superstitions

The panel shares some of the habits they’ve developed to complete a screenplay.

Episode #14 – Contest Strategies

It happens every year… contests roll around and put stars in all our eyes. Well, contests are a great way to jumpstart a screenwriting career, and the panel shares some winning strategies to use before and after a contest.

Episode #15 – How to Get Work

The age-old question of how the panel finds work, could help any writer get out there and get a screenwriting job.

Episode #16 – Feedback vs. Coverage

No one should send a script out to a producer without getting feedback, but should you pay for coverage or trust your friends?

Episode #17 – How Industry Pros Talk to Writers

Hollywood has a language all its own, and never has the term ‘its just business’ held more meaning. The panel discusses some of the things you’ll hear coming out of a producer’s mouth and how to take it all in stride.

Episode #18 – Obligatory Scenes – All genre movies contain scenes that MUST be in them or they’d confuse their genre audience. We are just programmed for certain things to happen at certain times in a story. Learn about some of those vital scenes so your genre script hits all the right beats.

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Episode #19 – Finding Mr. Right (Producer) –

Episode #20 – Juggling Multiple Projects –

Episode #21 – Ketchup –

Episode #22 – Script-Pitching Time Limit –

Episode #23 – Networking –

Episode #24 – Union vs. Non-Union –

Episode #25 – Mastering Screenwriting –

Episode #26 – IMDb – Must or Myth? –

Episode #27 – Crowdfunding Tips –

Episode #28 – Silencing Your Inner Critic –

Episode #29 – Spec Farm –

Episode #30 – Outlines! –

Episode #31 – Loglines –

Episode #32 – Writing Time –

Episode #33 – Women Screenwriters –

Episode #34 – Great Titles –

Episode #35 – Pitching –

Episode #36 – $1 Options –

Episode #37 – First Screenwriting Job Lesson –

Episode #38 – Screenwriting Skills –

Episode #39 – Q&A –

Episode #40 – Screenplays into Novel/Comics –

Episode #41 – Film Festivals for Screenwriters –

Episode #42 – Danny Manus/Query Letters –

Episode #43 – The Big Q&A –

Episode #44 – Dialogue Tips –

Episode #45 – Advanced Outlines –

Episode #46 – Negotiating –

Episode #47 – When to Go Pro –

Episode #48 – Key to Collaboration –

Episode #49 – Write a Better Script –

Episode #50 – Screenwriting Gold –

Episode #51 – Screenwriting Rejection –

Episode #52 – Script Turnaround –

Episode #53 – Loglines Revisited –

Episode #54 – Sell Your Script –

Episode #55 – Screenplay Nuts & Bolts –

PLUS: Ann Kimbrough’s One-on-One Interviews contain some great insight from other industry creatives.

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