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2nd Look @ Contests

Part of our 5-Contest review, it's time to take a look at the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. They usually offer four contests a year, which seems like they are in the business of contests, but they do boast that... Continue Reading →

Contests in 2023

Hmmm... I was thinking of titling this Contests & Other Ways to Waste Your Money, but that seemed rather negative. And not totally fair. I'm a believer in contests, for the right reasons -- which are different for different screenwriters.... Continue Reading →

Hollywood & Covid

The rules have definitely changed in many ways, but for newbie screenwriters (and even those with more experience but no representation) they've also stayed the same. Below is an industry-wide take (from the Wall Street Journal) on how the pandemic... Continue Reading →

Avoid a Script Pass

It was very nice to be asked to be a guest blogger at Successful Screenwriter. My post just landed, so want to share. How to Avoid a Pass on Your Script by Ann Kimbrough

Podcasting for Screenwriters

Recently, podcasting has become my side hustle. It's so fun and amazing to write, produce and release something to the world, that I wanted to share how I'm doing it. Maybe it's something that will interest my other screenwriting buds... Continue Reading →

Outline Fast

Got Outlines? Yes, outlining can be a pain or the greatest tool in your writer kit. I made a little video about how to outline fast for Script Summit. Now that it's over, I'm sharing it with you! Happy outlining!... Continue Reading →

Filmmakers Beware!

As screenwriters, we also tend to wear multiple hats to get our scripts filmed---which is why I wanted to share the article below. It spells out why all film festivals are not created equal. (Just like all screenplay competitions!) Nine... Continue Reading →

Screenwriting Contest Debate

Lately, a lot of posts have been popping up in my social media accounts about how the feedback from Screenwriting Contests drastically varies for the same script. Contest #1 can rate a script high and point out great characters, while... Continue Reading →

Pop Art Takes On Die Hard

Something fun for your ears! Found a great new podcast where Hollywood reader, screenwriter and script consultant Howard Casner interviews people about a favorite--and usually iconic--movie. He spoke with our own Ann Kimbrough about our favorite action film, DIE HARD!... Continue Reading →

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