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Tips from Spielberg & Hitchcock

Why not learn from the masters? Thanks to this video from Studio Binder, and writer/director Arnon Z. Shorr's spot-on insight, we can learn a few tricks to apply to our writing (and filmmaking).  You'll have to go over to YouTube... Continue Reading →

What Did She Say?

Daily Dose: Writing Better Dialogue Taking tips from Manchester By the Sea, Studio Binder gives us some useful ways to approach and think about writing dialogue. Written by Kenneth Lonergan, who also directed the film, Manchester By the Sea didn't... Continue Reading →

Embrace Your Dark Side!

Daily Dose: The Craft Writing an epic antagonist can be a killer. Help is on the way! Studio Binder's article is a mini-course 0n how to write a multi-dimensional bad guy with video clips. And not from Star Wars, as my post... Continue Reading →

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