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Final Draft 10 Review

Daily Dose: Screenwriting Software

As the standard in Hollywood, Final Draft is the go-to screenwriting software. It has a close rival in Movie Magic, and even Scrivener is making a run to win the hearts of screenwriters everywhere, but have no fear… Final Draft 10 is here!

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Write Better Dialogue

Daily Dose: Screenwriting Tip

Think of all the conversations you’ve had in your lifetime. At least a few, right? You’d think you’d have learned something about writing dialogue by now. Just encase you haven’t met your quota, take some advice from John August.

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Writers Block Or Procrastination?

Daily Dose: Inspiration

Everyone’s heard of Writer’s Block, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that most writers aren’t really blocked. They are really procrastinators.

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Write Better Scenes

Daily Dose: Script Tip

Scenes are more than building blocks of a screenplay. They are defined by stakes and conflict. Do you have enough in the right places?

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Judge Your Concept

Daily Dose: Insider Tip

Cringe-worthy moment, but you’ve got to do it! Read this article and test your concept out against the wisdom of Scriptshadow. Continue reading “Judge Your Concept”

Winning Nicholl

Daily Dose: Screenwriter Interview

It’s our holy grail–winning a Nicholl Fellowship. If you’ve ever had a nagging suspicion that it might not be all it’s cracked up to be… here’s a case in point to prove Nicholl’s status on top.

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Embrace Your Dark Side!

Daily Dose: The Craft

Writing an epic antagonist can be a killer. Help is on the way!

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To Write for China or Not?

Daily Dose: Career Moves

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know China is a blockbuster movie market on the way to dominating everything. (Yes, that should worry you a tiny bit.)

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Sub-Genre Guide

Daily Dose: The Craft

While these aren’t what you’d call ‘standard industry buzz words,’ they could be a good way to pin-point your script’s genre.

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