It’s that time of year — Spring Cleaning! 

Yes, I know that summer is fast approaching, so I’m a little late getting my mess in order. It’s actually an on-going battle, as any writer can attest. We save a lot of paperwork. Presently, I’m going through files and files (the old school, hard copy kind) and deciding what should stay and what should go.

I’ve been putting this off for a long time, but just like my computer desktop needs to been cleaned up from time-to-time, so does my office closet, floor and all those hiding spots that I’ve stored paperwork. 

Cleaning isn’t fun, but I keep coming upon little writing nuggets. Things I’ve written down on little pieces of paper. (You know what I mean!) Before cell phones, I use to come home with pockets full of little notes. Some of them were ideas, things I’d heard or little nuggets of writing wisdom I picked up along the way. So, most of these came from a long ago, long forgotten source. (My apologies to the originator of any that I share. I did not attribute them at the time.)

As I go through the massive amounts of paperwork, I’ll share some of the Little Writing Nuggets here and hope you enjoy my deep-dive into the past.

Here’s the first Little Writing Nugget:

Don’t just write what happens. Also write WHY it happens.

Hmm… is this something we just do naturally? Like all good writing, it’s better to do it on purpose. 

I’ll continue to share these little nuggets as I discover them. I’ve got some serious work to do sorting through all my files. Who knew I could hide so much paperwork in such a small office? Suddenly, I feel like a hoarder. 


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