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Must Read – Reading List 2020

From screenwriting books to fiction, you'll love this reading list! It's been collected by our talented friend Paul Zeidman. Thanks, Paul! A Treasure Trove of Creative Riches by Maximum Z  

5 Tips to Write a Short Film

Joining us today is a guest blogger, filmmaker Harvey Puttock. Our thanks to Harvey for his valuable insight! Take it away Harvey! Let’s be honest, screenwriting can be tricky, otherwise, everyone would be doing it. But it’s a new year,... Continue Reading →

Gotta Start Somewhere

Screenwriting is one of those professions that defies to be put into a box. There isn't just one way to get into the biz, which makes every success story interesting. Here are a few of those to inspire and show... Continue Reading →

Graduation Speeches by Famous Writers

In honor of the season, checkout the motivational advice from famous writers who spoke to graduating classes.  I don't even remember the speech at either of my graduations (high school or college). So, I'm just going to pretend that Shonda... Continue Reading →

Reality Bites

The power of a short film! Vimeo is an amazing platform to promote your work and add something concrete to your resume. To prove the point, check-out Reality Bites, a funny short film about the benefits of dating a zombie.... Continue Reading →

Get More Writing Time!

Daily Dose: Productivity Whether you have all day to write or just a few hours, managing your time is crucial. Want to find a little bit more time to spend with your WIP?  Checkout this article on Lifehack. Implement just one of these... Continue Reading →

Writers Block Or Procrastination?

Daily Dose: Inspiration Everyone's heard of Writer's Block, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that most writers aren't really blocked. They are really procrastinators. I use myself as an example, because I'm constantly pulled in too many directions. It's like... Continue Reading →

Reaching Your Goals

Daily Dose: Inspiration We all have goals, but do we give them enough time for success? Maybe setting goals is what's getting in your way. Try a new technique that could help you succeed! In an article from Medium, an... Continue Reading →

Ready to Go Pro?

Daily Dose: Career Moves Okay, you've ranked in contests and have written enough scripts to feel pretty good about yourself, but at what point do you really get into the game and go Pro? We're talking about taking off the contest training wheels and... Continue Reading →

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