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Good Logline Advice

Probably the best breakdown I've ever seen about how to write a logline---and it comes with good examples. Have at it! 7 Crucial Logline Mistakes and How to Fix Them by Timothy Cooper Thanks to the talented folks at ScriptMag... Continue Reading →

Pitfall #1: Misleading Loglines

#1 - Misleading Loglines The most common reason I pass on a script is because it does not deliver on the logline. This happens due to a number of circumstances (which are covered below), but it’s such a shame. My... Continue Reading →

Logline Examples

Daily Dose: Selling Your Script Stumbled across some logline examples... which are always a good way to inspire logline writing! The Elements of Cinema Blog & Podcast shared these examples.  Logline Examples by Gabe Moura The thing about loglines... they... Continue Reading →

Testing Your Loglines!

Daily Dose: Screenwriting Tips Writing loglines is one thing, but testing them out is another! It must be done! I did just that in a private Facebook group and my logline won. (Only 3 people entered, and one of them posted... Continue Reading →

Loglines for Dummies

Daily Deal: Screenwriting Tips Oops... I meant screenwriters. Checkout the Screenwriters Beat episode about loglines. It gets a bit crazy, as the working panel of screenwriters try to create a logline from scratch. The Screenwriting Beat crew de-mystifies how to... Continue Reading →

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