Daily Dose: Selling Your Script

Stumbled across some logline examples… which are always a good way to inspire logline writing!

The Elements of Cinema Blog & Podcast shared these examples. 

Logline Examples by Gabe Moura

The thing about loglines… they really need to create a reaction from the listener/reader. (Hope to request a script!) Most of the article’s examples are missing that wow-factor for me, although the movies they’re from had plenty of wow’s. It could be a useful exercise to rewrite a few of them–if you’ve seen the movie. 

For example, The Hangover, here’s my re-write attempt:

Three groomsmen awake in a trashed Vegas hotel room with no memory of the epic bachelor party or how to get the groom back to Los Angeles in time for the wedding–because he’s missing! 

How would you re-write one of the loglines?

Image courtesy of vectorolie via FreeDigitalPhotos.net.