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The Sequence Approach

Daily Dose: Story Structure One of the top screenwriting websites is Go Into the Story. With their backlog of great articles and topical current posts, they are a must read. Of course, we'll save you searching their archives by sharing... Continue Reading →

Outline Like an Expert

Daily Dose: Outlining Screenwriters Beat takes another look at outlining a screenplay to save time and write like a pro. The panel of working screenwriters offers up useful tips to outline better.  Screenwriters Beat Episode #45 - Advanced Outlines Biggest takeaway:... Continue Reading →

Un-Done by Outlines?

Daily Dose: Writing Skills Outlining can be a four-letter word... for those that hate to outline, and possibly for anyone needing glasses. As a screenwriter, you can't hate to outline. It's part of the job, at least, if you want to be... Continue Reading →

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