Daily Dose: Story Structure

One of the top screenwriting websites is Go Into the Story. With their backlog of great articles and topical current posts, they are a must read. Of course, we’ll save you searching their archives by sharing an article by Scott Meyers about one of the best ways to structure your script–with SEQUENCES.

We bring you a short and to-the-point article by Scott Meyers, so check it out. If you haven’t heard of Sequences, you’re in for a treat. If you have heard about this structuring technique, you’ll already know it’s a useful tool to hone and add to your bag of tricks. 

Each sequence has to do with the greater goal of your story, each one building on the last and raising the stakes and conflict until the story and conflict is eventually resolved at the end of the script. — Scott Meyers, Go Into the Story.

Check out Go Into the Story’s website and The Sequence Approach, a short explanation of the benefits to this form of outlining and plotting, by Scott Meyers.

Biggest takeaway from the article: “Sequencing is gold!” Since I use it myself, I’ll just agree with that statement and send you along to the short article.  CLICK HERE TO READ.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay and creator rawpixel.