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Winning Nicholl

Daily Dose: Screenwriter Interview It's our holy grail--winning a Nicholl Fellowship. If you've ever had a nagging suspicion that it might not be all it's cracked up to be... here's a case in point to prove Nicholl's status on top.... Continue Reading →

On Your Mark, Get Set, Contest!

Daily Dose: Screenwriting Contests Every screenwriting contest is a balancing act between costs & benefits. It's not too early to start the process by looking at the biggest contests. While this list is for 2016, all these contests will be... Continue Reading →

Ready to Go Pro?

Daily Dose: Career Moves Okay, you've ranked in contests and have written enough scripts to feel pretty good about yourself, but at what point do you really get into the game and go Pro? We're talking about taking off the contest training wheels and... Continue Reading →

$1 Option? Really?

Daily Dose: Career Moves Yes, really! The $1 option is a thing. Sadly for my bank account, it's a standard when it comes to optioning a screenplay. That doesn't mean the $1 option doesn't come with some questions... here's some... Continue Reading →

Good in a Room

Daily Dose: Career Move At some point, you will have to pitch. It pays to be good at this skill. Sometimes you'll be pitching a script or just an idea to fix a script... but you are always pitching yourself... Continue Reading →

Short Scripts to Success

Daily Dose: Career Move One way for a screenwriter to get their writing noticed is with a short film. Thanks to InkTip, an online portal connecting screenwriters with producer, you can list your short screenplay for free. Writing a Short Film... Continue Reading →

Breaking Into Screenwriting

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