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5 Tips to Write a Short Film

Joining us today is a guest blogger, filmmaker Harvey Puttock. Our thanks to Harvey for his valuable insight! Take it away Harvey! Let’s be honest, screenwriting can be tricky, otherwise, everyone would be doing it. But it’s a new year,... Continue Reading →

Cool Film Skill You Don’t Need to Know

Daily Dose: Filming Skills I'm being honest, you don't need to know this skill as a screenwriter, but it's soooo cool! It's called Lining a Script. I've never lined a script. But I should have. If you ever want to... Continue Reading →

Short Films, Big Deal

Daily Dose: Writing Skills Short films are a great tool for screenwriters, but their rules are different than a feature length film. Knowing how they differ is important if you're looking to enter your script in a contest (BlueCat is... Continue Reading →

Short Scripts to Success

Daily Dose: Career Move One way for a screenwriter to get their writing noticed is with a short film. Thanks to InkTip, an online portal connecting screenwriters with producer, you can list your short screenplay for free. Writing a Short Film... Continue Reading →

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