Daily Dose: Grit

Amazingly, there are little corners of the worldwide web that remain in tack. While some cool things fade away, like Script Frenzy (an off-shoot of NaNoWrimo for screenwriting), some very cool things stick around to help struggling screenwriters everywhere! Case in point: Wordplayer. Created by writing/producing partners Terry Rossio & Ted Elliot, the Pirate of the Caribbean guys (among many other blockbusters that have drawn us to our local theaters.)

Well, why back when these guys had some free time, and perhaps needed to vent. They wrote a collection of posts that became Wordplayer (mostly written by Terry Rossio). It’s wonderful that they keep the site alive. You’ll want to jump into the columns and archives. Read, learn and laugh.

Wordplay Columns featuring industry insight from Terry Rossio & Ted Elliot

Some of the columns I’ve re-read:

#18 – about writing partners

#29 – Deep thoughts and full of inspiration

and possibly my favorite one, #40 – the Off-Screen Movie. It really gets you thinking about what drives a script.

All the columns are worth reading, the above are just a few that linger in your mind a bit longer.

  • Image courtesy of codling thru FreeDigitalPhotos.net.