Daily Dose: Career Moves

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know China is a blockbuster movie market on the way to dominating everything. (Yes, that should worry you a tiny bit.)

Screenwriters without a China connection, might hope the U.S. and European film industries remain strong. What this very informative article in the Hollywood Reporter doesn’t say: non-Chinese screenwriters will not receive a film credit if China funds a movie. One can only hope that will change in the future.

Hollywood And China: A Fad or Future of the Film Industry? by Rebecca Sun

Just because they won’t presently let anyone but a Chinese writer, and I’m pretty sure that’s a resident Chinese screenwriter, hold a writing film credit, it doesn’t mean the real screenwriter won’t be compensated with money or a producer credit. It’s just another twist that you should be aware of when pitching to this market. It would rank high on the ‘pitfalls’ list. 

Yes, China is an exploding market. I’m sure it will have many ups and downs and find it’s own historic path to success. As Rebecca Sun clearly features in her article, it will create a new kind of film writing and filmmaking, incorporating a little of all that has gone before along with the Chinese culture. 

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos.net.