Outlining is a big thing for working screenwriters, and it can spark many debates about the right way and wrong way to look at screenplay structure. However, we’ve got a simple rule to get it right — go to the source for the right structure. What source? Well, that’s different for everyone.

  • Feature films

If you are writing a feature film, checkout the popular films in your genre. They are ready made examples of the kind of structure you should use.

  • Television

If you are writing for television, be it 1/2 hour to limited run series, find the kind of shows that fit the same genre as your script and you’ll find good examples to follow. 

  • Streaming

As more and more content moves to unique platforms like apps and in-home devises like Echo, you’ll find less examples and unique structures. However, try to find a compatible example, usually through a company already producing that kind of content. 

Bottomline, the markets you see as the perfect place for your script to be viewed are full of outlining and structure examples. All you need to do is a little research to figure it out, and write a script that fits the medium.

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