Once upon a time, it was very popular to contribute to a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to fund a film, but then it got crazy. Everyone had something to fund and it got hard to decide which was worth it. Here’s why you should be part of a film funding campaign and one I’d recommend joining right now! 

  • Get a credit on your IMDb page.
  • Get insider/behind-the-scenes tips about the filming project.
  • Have something to promote on your Facebook page that will impress.

A current opportunity that has all of the above opportunities is IN THE DEATHROOM – A Stephen King Short Film. Check out the Indiegogo campaign and see if it’s right for you to JOIN the TEAM!

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 10.16.20 AM

I love that there are several IMDb credits available with this campaign and you can link your career (in a small way) to the amazing Stephen King. (If you don’t know about Stephen King’s ‘dollar babies’ it’s worth Googling.) And if you are wondering if I have put my money where my blog is… Yes! I’m a Green Mile contributor for IN THE DEATHROOM – A Stephen King Short Film. I hope to see you at the cast/crew party!

Poster created by the very talented Drew Foerster — great job, Drew!