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Another Nugget

Today's Writing Nugget is for the TV writers out there. I recall this being the key to a successful series. Link your TV series dilemma to your pilot's dilemma. Easy, right? Go at it!

Little Writing Nuggets

It's that time of year --- Spring Cleaning!  Yes, I know that summer is fast approaching, so I'm a little late getting my mess in order. It's actually an on-going battle, as any writer can attest. We save a lot... Continue Reading →

WGA & ATA Battle

If you're a screenwriter, and you should be if you follow this blog, I hope you're keeping up on the battle between the Writer's Guild and the agents. It is affecting how business is getting done in town, and could... Continue Reading →

Join a Movie Team!

Once upon a time, it was very popular to contribute to a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to fund a film, but then it got crazy. Everyone had something to fund and it got hard to decide which was worth it.... Continue Reading →

Samuel French Closing

If you are in the vicinity of Los Angeles, it's time to take one last pilgrimage to Samuel French on Sunset Blvd. I remember going there the first time I went to Hollywood and it sure felt like a rite... Continue Reading →

Advice on Advice

Guest Blogger: Danny Manus of No BullScript Consulting Not All Screenwriting Advice is Created Equal Twitter is full of great professional writers giving advice. Writers who have been doing this for 15-20 years and have reached heights most could only... Continue Reading →

Riseley Options Script!

Great news! Margaret Riseley has optioned her 2017 PAGE Awards feature finalist WOUNDED to Mark Castaldo, Destiny Pictures. "Margaret has written a strong genre piece," Castaldo said, known for My Run and The Perfect Nanny. "It's a commercial action/thriller that... Continue Reading →

A Title that Sells Your Script

The all-powerful script title. It's the stuff of nightmares and hair pulling.  If you're lucky, the perfect title will just come to you. If you're normal, you'll work hard to find the perfect fit. You might even need to write... Continue Reading →

Women Writers Take Note

This is still a thing? Yikes! If you are a female writer for screen or television, you need to read this article from The Hollywood Reporter.  I Left the TV Business to Raise My Family and Now I Can't Get... Continue Reading →

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