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Finding Festivals w/Script Contests

Daily Dose: Contests/Networking Great link today for anyone looking for film festivals that also offer screenwriting contests.  Film festivals are a great way to network. If you can find one with a screenplay contest, it gives you something to talk... Continue Reading →

The Producer Maze

Daily Dose: Selling Your Script It's a maze finding the right producer for your script. Thankfully, today's article offers nine important tips to selling your script!  These nine tips are fantastic! What would you expect from the man that created... Continue Reading →

Get Your Social On

Daily Dose: Networking Is it strange that writers tend to do their best work alone in a room?  Now don't go dark on me... I meant with a keyboard and a computer screen. Uh... still sounds bad. What I really... Continue Reading →

Virtual Pitching

Daily Dose: Pitching Thanks to the Internet, Hollywood producers are only a Skype call away. Several companies have popped up to connect screenwriters with executives. We will take a look at them one-by-one.  First up: Roadmap Writers Roadmap Services -... Continue Reading →

Branding Tips

Daily Dose: Career Moves If you could 'magically' make yourself an expert--so any time a producer or actor who wanted to make a certain kind of movie would think of you--would you do it? Well... that's branding. It's such an important topic, we... Continue Reading →

They Love Your Writing & Tell Everyone!

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