Daily Dose: Networking

Is it strange that writers tend to do their best work alone in a room? 

Now don’t go dark on me… I meant with a keyboard and a computer screen. Uh… still sounds bad. What I really meant was finding an online writing group that can inspire you and help build your brand. 

Thanks to an article on Mashable.com, you have ten sites to checkout and see if any are a good fit for your career.

10 Inspiring Social Networks for Writers by Matt Petronzio

Two of the sites standout to me: Gather.com for reading posts by journalists, which could spark inspiration! And of course, a site specifically for screenwriters: Zoetrope Virtual Studio. I’m familiar with its genesis, but not the current incarnation. Worth checking out!

BTW, the other screenwriter site listed, Trigger Street Labs, is no longer an active site. Sad face.

  • Image courtesy of Miles Stuart at FreeDigitalPhotos.net