Daily Dose: Pitching

Thanks to the Internet, Hollywood producers are only a Skype call away. Several companies have popped up to connect screenwriters with executives. We will take a look at them one-by-one. 

First up: Roadmap Writers

Roadmap Services – a Breakdown

Roadmap has working relationships with Moviebytes.com, The Tracking Board and Slamdance — which are all reputable organizations. However, what makes Roadmap a useful ally for screenwriters is the man behind it: Joey Tuccio.

Joey’s been a screenwriter’s advocate since he started Happy Writers. By the time I’d heard of Happy Writers from screenwriting friends (who had made some nice connections due to the service), Happy Writers partnered with Stage 32. After a stint  with that crew, however, Joey went on his own again to create Roadmap. 

I don’t know any of the ‘behind the scenes’ reasons for the split — and I hope it was mutually amicable — but it created some much needed competition. Presently, you can pitch through Roadmap for $25/pitch, and through Stage 32/Happy Writers for $30/pitch. (It use to be in the mid t0 high 40’s, depending if you could find a discount code.)

Don’t get me wrong — considering the cost of going to Hollywood and how bad you’d look stalking a producer for a pitch, the rates have never been bad… but now they are very affordable and the line-up of producers is amazing. Kudos to both Roadmap & Stage 32/Happy Writers, and thank you for dropping the prices!

But… back to Joey. He’s a man with a heart of gold, and has come out publicly to say too many companies are preying on emerging screenwriters. So far, Roadmap appears to be a company that is making the proper balance between running a business and helping screenwriters meet producers. 

They also offer classes and ways to improve screenwriting skills. I can’t personally endorse that side of their business, but I’m sure it’s worth investigating. 

I have no connection with Roadmap or Joey Tuccio, and they have not paid for this post. (They don’t even know who I am, but I’ve been a customer and a screenwriter that has observed their business for several years; which is the source for my post.)

  • Image courtesy of pakorn via FreeDigitalPhotos.net.