Gotta love handy infographics that breakdown something we’d all like to do — given the time, crew, actors, money and a kickass script. Wait! We all have the script!

For a basic breakdown of the elements that would go into funding your own movie, checkout this infographic from Moneypod. They do On Demand Finance — so be careful that you don’t accidentally open a loan. (We’re kidding.) The infographic has great examples and outlines all the ways to fund your own short or feature film.

While it does include self-financing as a funding option, using your own money to finance a film is not the Hollywood way. Just FYI, you and your project will be taken more seriously if you find funding.

Plenty of people cut their rates, work on deferment or volunteer to help new filmmakers, but it crosses a line when a filmmaker mortgages a house to fund an indy movie. Sad to say, we’ve run across more than one Hollywood hopeful that did this and lost everything.

That being said, taking control of your writing career by putting together a movie production — either for a short film or a feature — is an excellent way to get noticed by the industry.