Great breakdown of the television market and what’s selling right now, plus a mini-class on essential screenwriting skill sets. 

We’re sending you to YouTube to hear this interview. It’s really an hour and a half class and well worth your time. At the very least, watch to the first 10 minutes. That’s the part about the television writing and the current market for selling a pilot or getting staffed. However, Corey Mandell gets into screenwriting and the problems writers get themselves into and how to get out.

Film Courage’s Interview with Corey Mandell: “Essential Skill Sets Screenwriters Need to Write Professionally”

Professional screenwriting guru Corey Mandell is spot-on and shares some valuable advice about a screenwriter’s process and journey. 

Big takeaway: If the writer doesn’t feel anything when they write a scene, neither will the audience. However, when a screenwriter “bleeds on the page” and is overly connected to their characters, they can lose a good storyline.

Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator Fotocitizen, thank you!