Film Courage keeps sharing great interviews! Today, I’m sharing a link to one with Dr. Ken Atchity about getting into show business in your 40’s, which goes against the commonly held idea that Hollywood is ageist. 

Starting a Career in the Movie Business by Dr. Ken Atchity – one in a series of useful interviews for screenwriters for Film Courage.

While the interview starts with the age Dr. Atchity began his Hollywood career, it quickly shifts into the main obstacles we all face, no matter our age. Some hard, but useful truths, come out around the 5:21 time mark in the video.

Spoilers: Success at any age comes with sacrifice. If you can give that to your craft, and still put on a “happy face,” you’re in the right business, no matter your age.

My favorite Dr. Ken Atchity quote: “Go through the no’s as fast as you can to get to that yes!” Because a yes is waiting in your future. You just don’t know when or where it’s waiting.

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Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator rawpixel. Thank you!