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Hollywood & Covid

The rules have definitely changed in many ways, but for newbie screenwriters (and even those with more experience but no representation) they've also stayed the same. Below is an industry-wide take (from the Wall Street Journal) on how the pandemic... Continue Reading →

Do You Pass the Test?

If you haven't heard, it helps if your script can pass a few tests. The most common is the Bechdel Test, which mainly looks for two female characters to have a conversation that isn't about a man. But, if you... Continue Reading →

Screenwriting Pitfall #10: Waiting Game

Everyone plays the waiting game, and it sure can be the hardest part of pitching your script. It becomes a mind game of when should you follow-up, how do you follow-up and how long should it really take a producer... Continue Reading →

Nugget for Your Consideration

When you approach your script, how do you think? Is it like everyone else? You don't want to think like everyone else when it comes to storytelling. Majority of writers are trained, and think, on a story level. What to... Continue Reading →

Screenwriting Pitfall #8: Get Noticed!

The biggest issue for screenwriters is getting your big break, which probably won’t be the first break you get. So all screenwriters need to find ways to continually get their work noticed. If you’re like me, your email is bombarded... Continue Reading →

Screenwriting at Age 40+

Film Courage keeps sharing great interviews! Today, I'm sharing a link to one with Dr. Ken Atchity about getting into show business in your 40's, which goes against the commonly held idea that Hollywood is ageist.  Starting a Career in... Continue Reading →

Memes for Screenwriters

Everyone likes a good meme. We'll share them from time to time. This one seemed timely, with Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters this past weekend. 

What Did She Say?

Daily Dose: Writing Better Dialogue Taking tips from Manchester By the Sea, Studio Binder gives us some useful ways to approach and think about writing dialogue. Written by Kenneth Lonergan, who also directed the film, Manchester By the Sea didn't... Continue Reading →

Write Better Scenes

Daily Dose: Script Tip Scenes are more than building blocks of a screenplay. They are defined by stakes and conflict. Do you have enough in the right places? Follow the scene exercise detailed in this article from the No Film... Continue Reading →

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