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What’s Your Screenplay Worth?

Daily Dose: Insider Tip It's a good day when the fates intervene and reveal a bunch of great screenwriting YouTube videos. Yes, today is the day! The source of the windfall is Film Courage. Their selection made it hard to pick just one, but don't... Continue Reading →

Find Scripts OnLine

Daily Dose: Screenwriting Tips Have you read a script lately? Other than your own? It's been said that reading scripts is one of the best ways to improve your writing. If so... where do you find produced scripts to read?... Continue Reading →

Pitching Plus

Daily Dose: Networking While this company offers many things to help screenwriters, liking video classes and online pitching, it creates an online film community like no one else. Second Up for a look at virtual pitch companies: Stage 32/Happy Writers. Yes, Stage... Continue Reading →

Know Your Onions

Daily Dose: Words Ever search for that perfect line of dialogue? One word that makes your character fit a certain age or style? Well, maybe that word can be found in the 1920's. Here's a link to a list of the crazy... Continue Reading →

What Genre to Write?

Daily Dose: Career Moves Two things play a huge part in screenplay marketing success: A High Concept Pitching a Marketable Genre Of course, you've got to write what you write. When it comes to 'timing' the market, however, if you don't... Continue Reading →

Short Films, Big Deal

Daily Dose: Writing Skills Short films are a great tool for screenwriters, but their rules are different than a feature length film. Knowing how they differ is important if you're looking to enter your script in a contest (BlueCat is... Continue Reading →

Good in a Room

Daily Dose: Career Move At some point, you will have to pitch. It pays to be good at this skill. Sometimes you'll be pitching a script or just an idea to fix a script... but you are always pitching yourself... Continue Reading →

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