Daily Dose: Networking

While this company offers many things to help screenwriters, liking video classes and online pitching, it creates an online film community like no one else.

Second Up for a look at virtual pitch companies: Stage 32/Happy Writers.

Yes, Stage 32 has online pitching and pitchfests through Happy Writers. They bring in a seriously impressive lineup of producers, and they send out — for free — emails about who’s accepting pitches and their script interests. Every screenwriter should sign-up for their emails just for that reason alone. It’s a great way to know what’s currently selling. 

The best part of the company, however, is the community. 

The Stage 32 Lounge – Industry Topics, Discussions & Success Stories

You need to create a FREE profile, but then you are part of an online movie-making community. Like anything online, it’s a time suck, but for a lot of screenwriters putting your time into the Stage 32 community would be more useful than Facebook or LinkedIn. It certainly ranks up with those two as a place where screenwriters can meet producers, actors, cinematographers, cameraman, makeup artists & stylists… and other screenwriters.  (Sorry if I left anyone out, but if it’s a job title on a film or TV crew, it’s there.)

Of course, with an online group of this nature, they are mostly other creatives — just like you — trying to find a big break. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find a lot of experience and make connections that could help your career, and theirs. Two emerging talents = one A-Lister, right?

Stage 32/Happy Writers have not paid for an endorsement. This is my opinion based on using their site/services.

  • Image courtesy of pakorn via FreeDigitalPhotos.net.