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Write Better Dialogue

Daily Dose: Screenwriting Tip Think of all the conversations you've had in your lifetime. At least a few, right? You'd think you'd have learned something about writing dialogue by now. Just encase you haven't met your quota, take some advice... Continue Reading →

Winning Nicholl

Daily Dose: Screenwriter Interview It's our holy grail--winning a Nicholl Fellowship. If you've ever had a nagging suspicion that it might not be all it's cracked up to be... here's a case in point to prove Nicholl's status on top.... Continue Reading →

Finding Festivals w/Script Contests

Daily Dose: Contests/Networking Great link today for anyone looking for film festivals that also offer screenwriting contests.  Film festivals are a great way to network. If you can find one with a screenplay contest, it gives you something to talk... Continue Reading →

The Producer Maze

Daily Dose: Selling Your Script It's a maze finding the right producer for your script. Thankfully, today's article offers nine important tips to selling your script!  These nine tips are fantastic! What would you expect from the man that created... Continue Reading →

Working in Film

Daily Dose: Career Move Ever think of joining a film crew? Maybe it's to learn more about writing by seeing a script filmed. Or maybe it's to meet people who could one day help you succeed as a screenwriter. Or... Continue Reading →

Ready to Go Pro?

Daily Dose: Career Moves Okay, you've ranked in contests and have written enough scripts to feel pretty good about yourself, but at what point do you really get into the game and go Pro? We're talking about taking off the contest training wheels and... Continue Reading →

Interview with Writer/Directors

Daily Dose: Screenwriter-to-Screenwriter Love interviews with screenwriters? Me, too. Here's one with some guys that had a script place in the Top 30 of the Nicholl Fellowship. Be impressed, because that is HUGE! (Warning: language used in the Q&A is not... Continue Reading →

What’s Stopping You?

Daily Dose: Inspiration Ever feel like your writing isn't moving forward fast enough? Maybe this link will motivate you to write. Everyone has a writing process, but when your process becomes part of the problem the advice from Sam at Continue Reading →

$1 Option? Really?

Daily Dose: Career Moves Yes, really! The $1 option is a thing. Sadly for my bank account, it's a standard when it comes to optioning a screenplay. That doesn't mean the $1 option doesn't come with some questions... here's some... Continue Reading →

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