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Pitching Plus

Daily Dose: Networking While this company offers many things to help screenwriters, liking video classes and online pitching, it creates an online film community like no one else. Second Up for a look at virtual pitch companies: Stage 32/Happy Writers. Yes, Stage... Continue Reading →

Virtual Pitching

Daily Dose: Pitching Thanks to the Internet, Hollywood producers are only a Skype call away. Several companies have popped up to connect screenwriters with executives. We will take a look at them one-by-one.  First up: Roadmap Writers Roadmap Services -... Continue Reading →

Keeping Up with Contests

Daily Dose: Contests Can a screenwriting contest launch a career?  Yes, but most of the time it's a networking and marketing tool for your script. So while it might not instantly lead to your A-List status, it could get your... Continue Reading →

Get Your IMDb Credits Here!

Daily Dose: Insider Tips A few years back, it became very popular to fund a friend's film project and get an Associate Producer credit for your IMDb page. (You know IMDb? It's an industry search engine that you want to... Continue Reading →

Looking for Screenwriters–Especially Canadians

Daily Dose: Submit Scripts Front Street Pictures has an online submission page for scripted TV and movies. They are open to all writers, but as a Vancouver-based company, they don't lose any points if they use a Canadian screenwriter. However,... Continue Reading →

Branding Tips

Daily Dose: Career Moves If you could 'magically' make yourself an expert--so any time a producer or actor who wanted to make a certain kind of movie would think of you--would you do it? Well... that's branding. It's such an important topic, we... Continue Reading →

Overnight Screenwriting Success?

Daily Dose: Inspiration Careers have highs and lows, but if you've ever felt like you're just missing the "how" part of becoming a working screenwriter this article from Script Read Pro might help. I write all day with my sessions... Continue Reading →

What Genre to Write?

Daily Dose: Career Moves Two things play a huge part in screenplay marketing success: A High Concept Pitching a Marketable Genre Of course, you've got to write what you write. When it comes to 'timing' the market, however, if you don't... Continue Reading →

Good in a Room

Daily Dose: Career Move At some point, you will have to pitch. It pays to be good at this skill. Sometimes you'll be pitching a script or just an idea to fix a script... but you are always pitching yourself... Continue Reading →

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