Daily Dose: Submit Scripts

Front Street Pictures has an online submission page for scripted TV and movies. They are open to all writers, but as a Vancouver-based company, they don’t lose any points if they use a Canadian screenwriter. However, I’ve never met a Canadian producer that wouldn’t give up those points for the right script!

Front Street Pictures produces a bunch of those Hallmark love stories, kids movies and plenty of action/thrillers. With that kind of range, they are worth checking out.

You might have to scroll down to the Submissions heading.

Front Street Pictures 

They produced one of my favorite TV finds, when I stumbled across it on Hulu–Endgame. It’s about a chess genius who can’t leave his hotel, and ends up solving mysteries. Sadly, it only made it for one season. Great show, though.

  • Image courtesy of Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos.net