Daily Dose: Insider Tips

A few years back, it became very popular to fund a friend’s film project and get an Associate Producer credit for your IMDb page. (You know IMDb? It’s an industry search engine that you want to be on when someone comes looking for your credits.) Well… those credits are crap. (Sorry to the filmmakers that gave them to me, because I was happy to contribute to their films.) Go see the movie State and Main, as they explain very clearly that an Associate Producer credit means nothing in Hollywood. But.. there’s another way…

The sad part about IMDb is that even when you do have credits, they don’t always appear on the site. Why? Because someone has to submit them. I always thought that someone was the film’s producer. (On low budget films, where most of us start, they don’t have the time or energy to do the legwork, I’m guessing.) But, thanks to a post on IMDb, you might be able to add all those small–yet important–credits yourself.

How to Add Yourself to IMDb by IMDb

BTW, State and Main is a great ‘insiders’ Hollywood movie. It still holds up. Want a little more insight into the biz, watch it.

  • Image courtesy of renjith krishnan via FreeDigitalPhotos.net.